Bioni Comfort

Multi-purpose, high-quality interior coating with multi-functional properties



BIONI COMFORT is an especially long-lasting, universally usable pure acrylic interior coating that contains siliceous light fillers and has multi-functional properties. Thanks to special filler technology, BIONI COMFORT has a favourable effect on in-door climate and living comfort and is therefore particularly suitable for use in residential, office, educational, as well as in catering and hotel industry buildings.

Recommended Use

For especially long-lasting interior coatings in areas demanding high quality and durability, as is the case in living areas, bed-rooms, children’s rooms, offices, shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, universities, hotels, etc.

Product Features
  • superior durability
  • universally applicable
  • beneficial for indoor air quality and comfort
  • optimale Verarbeitungseigenschaften
  • low-VOC
  • excellent washability (Class 2 according to DIN EN 13300)
  • superior hiding (Class 2 according to DIN EN 13300)
  • free of solvents and softeners
  • non-flammable (according to DIN 4102-1)
  • water vapour permeable
  • odour-free (newly treated rooms can quickly be reused)
  • excellent application properties
Technical Data
Colour: white
Finish: matte
Binding agent: Pure acrylic
VOC: <5 g/l (ISO 11890-2)
Consumption: approx. 290-350 ml/m² with 2 coats (depending on substrate)
Packaging: 10,0 litres 
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