Bioni Grip

Solvent-free special primer for consolidating and equalising sanded as well as strong and variously absorbent substrates


BIONI GRIP is a pure acrylate-based special primer with deep penetration ready to be processed and for many different uses that can be diluted with water for equalising strongly or variously absorbent substrates. It’s distinguished by its outstanding bonding properties, gives a better adhesion to the surface and consolidates chalky or sandy underlying surfaces.

Recommended Use

For interior and exterior use on chalky, sandy surfaces as well as on those of varying absorption. It forms an undercoat for subsequent coats of Bioni interior, exterior and roofing products.

Product Features
  • consolidates very well
  • excellent bonding
  • for interior and exterior use
  • pure acrylic based
  • free of solvents
  • water vapour permeable
  • alkali-resistant 
  • has a high yield
  • odour - free
  • excellent application properties
Technnical Data
Colour:  milky white
Binding agent: Pure acrylic
VOC: <1 g/l (ISO 11890-2)
Consumption: approx. 150-200 ml/m² (depending on the substrate)
Packaging:  10,0 litres
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