Pilze und Algen

No chance for mould and algae

The most important task of facade coating is protecting the undercoat against environmental and climatic influences. BIONI exterior coatings have not only optimal humidity-regulating properties that protect the structure effectively and long-lastingly against climatic influences and aggressive airborne pollutants thanks to their balanced binder-filler combination.

Thanks to the patented Silver System Technology and optimal humidity-regulating properties, they also ensure that mould and algae will have a much harder time to colonise the coating surface for a long time. The facade remains pretty for a longer time.


There are many reasons why mould and algae grow on facades. It is precisely when heat insulation measures are taken that a higher growth of exterior surfaces with mould and algae is observed.

The fact is that conventional facade paints that have film preservatives are not able to withstand microbial colonisation in the long run because rain quickly “washes away“ most of the active ingredients used in these products from the coating. What remains is an unprotected coat of paint that can become greenish after a short time.

Causes for Mould and Algae Grwoth on Facades

  • Condensation water accumulates owing to the nightly undercooling of the surface (non-absorbent undersurface through thermal insulating system
  • Insufficient protection of the facade against humidity (w-value, sd-value)
  • Building-related influences
  • Location conditions (humidity, vegetation)

Based on the latest scientific knowledge, BIONI was able to develop exterior coatings that not only boast previously unrivalled long-lasting protection against mould and algae growth but also meet the highest environmental compatibility requirements.

This was accomplished by combining the patented SILVER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY and silicate-containing light fillers that influence the microclimate on the coating surface to the disadvantage of spores and yeasts

BIONI Facade Coatings: A Real-World Comparison

3 years after the application of a professional exterior paint containing conventional film preservatives
5 years after the application of BIONI PERFORM®