Superior Coating Solutions for the Healthcare Environment

BIONI offers a range of coatings optimally geared to one another that especially meets the tough requirements of the healthcare system

offers a range of specifications and solutions, developed and patented in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute (ICT) to suit different areas of application, levels of anticipated use and the sensitivity of the area. They set new standards of hygiene, health, sustainability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics:


BIONI coatings promote compliance with hygiene standards by preventing bacteria from spreading on coated surfaces.


BIONI coatings meet the most exacting demands on indoor air quality since they are free of solvents and softeners and have very low levels of VOC.


BIONI coatings are produced without using poisonous and environmentally damaging materials. They are very hard-wearing and durable, resulting in low repainting and maintenance costs.


BIONI offers individual solutions and qualities depending on the area of application. Our coatings are odour-free, ensuring that the rooms can be used again rapidly, minimising downtimes.


Colour is of great importance in hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries, particularly in psychological terms. BIONI coatings combine functionality with aesthetics, allowing almost an unrestricted range of colour designs.