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Coating solutions for all who value safety

Whether new build or renovation, multi-unit dwelling, office building, kindergarten or school. With BIONI WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS a coating product range is available to private and commercial landlords, public administrations and home owners as well as the owners of commercial properties, who either use the buildings themselves or let them out. 


BIONI coatings have patented long-term protection against mould infestation and therefore help to create a healthy and hygienic living, working and learning environment.


BIONI coatings meet the most exacting demands on indoor air quality since they are free of solvents and softeners and have very low levels of VOC.


BIONI coatings are produced without using toxic and environmentally damaging materials. They are very hard-wearing and durable, resulting in low repainting and maintenance costs.


BIONI offers individual solutions and qualities depending on the area of application. Our coatings are odour-free, ensuring that the rooms can be used again rapidly, minimising downtimes.


In the home, working and learning environment colour plays a special role. BIONI coatings combine aesthetic qualities with functionality, allowing an almost unlimited range of colour designs.