We create brands

The “Bioni“ brand stands for 

  • technical superiority
  • innovation and
  • high quality

special coatings for interior and exterior surfaces of buildings.

Depending on the requirement and application area, various fields of expertise were developed in the past from the “BIONI“ umbrella brand – whose offerings are optimally geared to the individual problems of the respective customer group – and divided into the following brands:

Commercial Products

Home Owners

Indusrty Solutions


BIONI wall and facade paints are environmentally compatible, function-oriented and technically superior coatings for commercial final customers, conceived and developed for use in residential and public buildings, as well as for hygienically sensitive areas.

BIONI living is our brand for innovative, environmentally friendly and easily processed paints for interiors and exteriors made for private areas of application.

BIONI SYSTEM stands for the safe, fast, efficient, environmentally friendly and lasting treatment of surfaces particularly stressed by mould, bacteria and moisture.