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Indoor Air Quality

People spend most of their lives inside enclosed spaces or rooms. Up to 80% of the day is spent in the home or workplace, or in the case of young people in places of learning. The room climate and air pollutants such as VOC therefore have a considerable effect on our well-being and health.

Colonies of mould on walls and ceilings can also cause health complaints, especially in rooms that we spend a long time such as living rooms and bedrooms, and in some cases they can also cause a strong odour nuisance. Therefore, high standards should be set for indoor air hygiene and mould-retardant properties of interior coatings used in the buildings in which we live, work and learn.

From the landlord‘s point of view there is also the wish for low maintenance costs and maintaining the value of the building. Wall and ceiling coatings should therefore be cleanable and be hardwearing and durable, especially in highly frequented areas.

BIONI Coating

BIONI interior coatings, especially low in VOC and emissions, help to create a mould-free environment and safe, hygienic room air by preventing the spread of mould on the coating surface. Additionally, BIONI exterior coatings help to conserve the building‘s value by ensuring an impressive long-lasting appearance.

Thus, BIONI COATINGS are ideally suited for numerous applications: 

Housing Industry
Office Buildings
Schools & kindergardens