Historie & Milestones

June 2001
BIONI CS GmbH is founded in Oberhausen.                             
January 2002
BIONI signs the first international sales contract for its products with a Swiss distribution partner
April 2004 
BIONI and the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) start a research project for integrating nanoscale silver in interior and exterior paints
May 2005 
BIONI and the Fraunhofer Society in Munich apply jointly for a patent to register their invention
June 2005 
BIONI starts doing business in the United Arab Emirates
August 2005 
BIONI interior paints are certified by TÜV Rheinland for especially low-emission wall paints according to the TÜV Proof Criteria Catalogue
End of 2005 
Market introduction of the interior and exterior paints jointly developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology
November 2005 
The world‘s first interior paint based on nanotechnology made especially for hospitals and clinics is officially presented
June 2007 
BIONI interior paints are tested and certified according to the hygienic room air criteria of the Health Evaluation of Building Products Committee (AgBB)
January 2008 
BIONI and the Fraunhofer ICT are given the Frost & Sullivan Award in London for their top research performance
March 2008 
BIONI developed with the “BIONI SYSTEM“ a completely novel renovation concept for the sustainable treatment of surfaces that are particularly stressed by mould, bacteria and moisture
August 2008 
With BIONI SYSTEM FOOD, BIONI rolls out for the first time a coating system to “overcoat“ mould directly, conceived especially to meet the requirements of the food and beverage industry
November 2009 
As one of Germany‘s 50 fastest-growing technology companies, BIONI has been awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50
January 2010 
BIONI USA & AMERICAS is established in Sarasota (Florida)
June 2010
BIONI obtains a patent in the USA for interior and exterior paints based on nanoparticles
June 2010 
Under the corporate name of “BIONI SYSTEM GMBH“, the affiliated company of BIONI takes over the exclusive marketing of BIONI SYSTEM FOOD in the food & beverage industry
November 2011 
A patent is awarded in Russia for nanosilver-based interior and exterior paints
May 2012 
BIONI HYGIENIC is given the Best Technology Award as one of the best products at the prestigious “Hospital Build & Infrastructure 2012“ hospital construction trade fair in Dubai
June 2012 
With the establishment of BIONI INDIA in Cochin, BIONI‘s international distribution partner network expands to 15 countries
August 2012 
BIONI presents itself with a new branding and CI
January 2013 
Under the “BIONI LIVING” brand, BIONI puts out a range of products made especially for private users that can be acquired directly on the Internet via its own online shop