“Innovative” means being able to overcome obstacles

Our success is based on the ability to recognize market needs and a refusal to accept apparent technical obstacles or traditional market realities as fundamentally insurmountable or unchangeable.


BIONI HYGIENIC® was the first hygienically innocuous interior coating safe for indoor air based on the Silver SystemTechnology introduced into the market. It was conceived for the special requirements of the health care sector and boasted heretofore unequalled resistance against multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.


Permanent resistance against mould growth coupled with innocuousness to indoor air. These important product features of BIONI NATURE® represent the technical superiority of the patented interior coating that have made it possible to achieve maximum resistance against microbial growth combined with meeting the highest health and environmental compatibility requirements made to interior paints.


As the first, non-mineral facade coating, BIONI PERFORM® was conceived and patented to be free of film preservatives and therefore environmentally compatible. It offers long-lasting protection against fungal and algae growth coupled with multi-functional properties, and in terms of permanence and durability, it sets new standards in facade protection.