Schimmelpize und Gerüche

Unpleasant and unhygienic

Mould is an important and natural part of our living environment. If it appears in interiors, however, then it becomes a hygienic problem that should not be underestimated. In case of high permanent concentration in the air or reduced body‘s defences (e.g. in children or immunodeficient people), mould usually classified as harmless can impair health.

It is especially in wellness and spa areas, public swimming pools, kitchens and lavatories where mould finds ideal conditions for growth owing to the constantly high humidity prevalent in those places. Yet even less “moist“ areas such as fitness rooms or locker rooms can be affected by mould and bacterial contamination. Often, it is accompanied by a species-specific musty odour perceived by guests and employees as unpleasant and objectionable.  

BIONI coatings help to create a mould-free and therefore hygienic environment by preventing the spread of mould and bacteria on the coating surface thanks to patented Silver System Technology and optimally moisture-regulating properties.


Comparative Test

Tested species
Aspergillus niger no growth
Penicillium chrysogenum no growth
Cladosporium cladosporioides no growth
Acremonium strictum no growth