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BIONI Nature® and BIONI Hygienic® are awarded the certificate "Environmentally Medically Recommended”

Once again, Bioni CS GmbH's interior coatings Bioni Nature and Bioni Hygienic have set new standards in the marketplace for paints in hygiene, health and the environment and have been awarded the certificate "Environmentally Medically Recommended" by the German Committee for Environmental Medicine and Building Hygiene of the Society of Hygiene, Environmental and Public Health Sciences (GHU). Since the second quarter of 2002, this certificate has been presented and written about by the Chief Editor of Environmental Medicine Magazine ("Wohnmedizin"). It rates products by considering criteria such as health side effects, low emissions, positive effects on room climate and comfort, improvement in air quality, reduction in level of room noise, beneficial environmental psychological aspects or improvement in environmental satisfaction, comfort and environmental health.

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