A modern coat of paint must do more than just look pretty!

BIONI interior and exterior coatings can do more to a wall than just make it look white or painted. They convince owing to their optimal structural & physical characteristics and technically superior product features. Over the years, they have proven very reliable in practice, even under the most difficult environmental conditions.

BIONI works closely with the Fraunhofer Institute (ICT) and is the technology leader in the field of multi-functional wall, façade and roof paints based on silver-system-technology.

BIONI‘s unique innovative solution concept for environmentally compatible and lasting protection of interior and exterior coatings
against microbial growth was patented together with the Fraunhofer Society and has received nunerous awards:


  • Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in Research 2008
  • Hospital Build & Infrastructure Best Technology Award 2012


  • USA: Patent issued
  • Kanada: Patent issued
  • Russische Föderation: Patent issued
  • EU: Patent pending

In order to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest possible degree of product safety, Bioni coatings are subject to comprehensive, ongoing tests by following scientific institutes and testing laboratories

  • TÜV Rhineland/LGA Products GmbH
  • EUROFINS Product Testing A/S
  • Gissel Institute for Bacteriology and Hygiene
  • Quality Labs Biomaterial Testing
  • Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control Giessen
  • Polymere Institute Dr. R. Stenner GmbH
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics Holzkirchen (IBP)
  • Institute for Building Physics and Materials at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
  • Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Laboratory Dr. rer. Nat. Thomas Missel in Hanover
  • Bioserv Analytic and Medical Products GmbH
  • Material Testing Centre for the Building Industry Bremen (MPA)
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)
  • Stonebridge Technical Services (USA)
  • Architectural Testing (USA)
  • Southwest Research Institute (USA)
  • etc.

Upon written request, we will send you test reports and certificates pertaining to the respective tested product features.