An essential characteristic of BIONI interior and exterior coatings is their unique, long-lasting resistance against growth by mould, bacteria or algae.

This is achieved by optimal moisture-regulating surface properties and BIONI‘s Silver System Technology developed jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute (ICT) and patented together with it.

Whereas conventional interior and exterior paints try to prevent microbial colonisation using toxic active ingredients such as biocides or fungicides, BIONI‘s Silver System Technology relies on the special properties of the precious metal known for millennia. The Romans, for example, were already using silver-coated vessels to extend the shelf life of water and food. The interactions and influencing mechanisms occurring between silver and microorganisms also ensure that BIONI interior and exterior paints will resist microbial growth for a long time while protecting the coating surface in an environmentally compatible way:

Silver-System-Technology compared to conventional anti-fungal/anti-bacteria paints

*tested by: ADVISAN Dr. Missel GmbH